Tota Day 3 – The halfway point: Brentonico-San Valentino awaits the climbers

Tota Day 3 – The halfway point: Brentonico-San Valentino awaits the climbers

From Südtirol/Alto Adige to Trentino, Tour of the Alps’ stage 3 (Ritten/Renon-Brentonico San Valentino 162,5 Km) is expected to shake the General Classification. Two hours of live broadcast from 12.30 pm

Tour of the Alps’ stage 3 is likely to be a clear-cut test of the 2023 edition, with little chance to hide. The third day represents the halfway point of the euro-regional race, with the hardest uphill finish of this 46th edition ready to shake up the General Classification. The winner of the first two rounds in Alpbach and Ritten/Renon, Brit Tao Geoghegan Hart, is alerted: several riders will look to launch their attack in the final climb, hoping to strip Melinda Green Jersey away from his shoulders.

From Ritten/Renon (Südtirol/Alto Adige) to Brentonico-San Valentino (Trentino), the peloton will face 162,5 Km, with the challenges coming in the second half of the course. Right after the neutral start in Ritten/Renon, a long downhill will lead through the city of Bozen/Bolzano. Leaving the city, the route climbs gently towards Kaltern/Caldaro, to then find a long flat stretch winding through the apple orchards and vineyards of the Adige Valley, on the way to Trento, crossed via the four-lane outer city road.

Once in Aldeno, almost 100 km into the stage, the first real ascent of the day will begin, peaking at the Lago di Cei KOM, after about 10 km of demanding but regular climbing. This will be followed by a fast descent and another 25 km of almost flat terrain to reach Avio, where the long and tough final ascent will begin: slightly over 15 km at a 7,5% average gradient, all pointing up to the finish line in Brentonico-San Valentino. 

Plenty of people are expected atop the climb to enjoy the beauty of the race and the whole territory: among them, UEC (European Cycling Union) President Enrico Della Casa and Italian Cycling Federation President Cordiano Dagnoni.


Meeting Place: 08.15, Ritten/Renon, Ritten Arena
Official Start: 10:00, Ritten/Renon, SP 135
Finish: 14.15, Brentonico, loc. San Valentino
Intermediate Sprints: Roverè della Luna (km 62,5), Avio (km 145,9)
KOM: Lago di Cei (km 108,7, 2^ cat.); Passo San Valentino (km 162,5, finish)
Permanence: Brentonico, Palazzo Eccheli Baisi, Via Mantova 6

THE STARTING LINE: RITTEN/RENON. Between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, where cappuccino and apple strudel meet for a tasty rendezvous, where breathtaking alpine vistas blend with Italian turtlenecks – this is where South Tyrol is located with Ritten/Renon at its heart. This was once a summer vacation destination for wealthy Bozen/Bolzano families escaping the summer heat, as well as a travel stop for artists and writers such as Kafka and Freud, who were inspired by the beauty of the landscape.

ON THE ROAD: Kalterer See/Lago di Caldaro, along the Wine Route, came into existence in the bed of an ancient branch of the Adige River in a basin about 14 km south of Bolzano. Besides being the largest natural lake in South Tyrol, it’s also the warmest swimming lake in the entire Alpine region. 

THE FLAVOR OF THE STAGE: Chestnut cultivation is a tradition that has been handed down for centuries in the village of Castione on the Brentonico Plateau. The harvesting of this chestnut, which is cultivated using natural methods, takes place directly on the trees, where expert beaters climb up to beat the husks with long poles, causing them to fall to the ground. These chestnuts produce unique products, such as chestnut noodles, chestnut beer, and the famous Castione Marroncino.

DON'T MISS: The Avio Castle is one of Trentino's most ancient and suggestive fortified monuments. Located at the foot of Mount Vignola, the Avio Castle dominates the surrounding valley. The monument is characterized by an impressive keep and the presence of mighty walls and five towers. Military garrison in the Longobard period, since 1977, the Avio Castle is the property of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund), which has realized major restoration work.

THE FINISH: BRENTONICO-SAN VALENTINO. The Brentonico plateau and its surrounding forests and meadows range from 600 to 2,000 meters above sea level on Monte Baldo, the first mountain seen in Trentino when approaching from the south. This mountain has been known as the “Garden of Italy” since the 1500s for its rich biodiversity of rare plants and flowers. It became the “Monte Baldo Natural Park” at the beginning of the 21st century. The municipality of Brentonico, which is the most populous settlement in the park, offers historical and cultural elements of great significance, stemming from its long history dating back to the times of the barbarians.


Every day, two hours of live broadcast will characterize 2023 Tour of the Alps, today from 12.30 to 14.30 CET, thanks to the production and international distribution by PMG Sport, together with the strategic synergy of Infront Sports&Media.

TV: Eurosport (Europe, East Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Pacific Area, Indian Subcontinent), RaiSport (Italy, San Marino, Vatican City), Equipe TV (France).

LIVE STREAMING: Raiplay, Eurosport, GCN – Global Cycling Network,,, Federciclismo, PMG Sport.



  •  8.00 AM – 12.00 PM “Pimp your bike” – Bike repair – organised by Novum Bolzano
  •  8.00 AM – 12.00 PM Bikes’ parkour in the football pitch with 2 local cycling guide
  •  9.30 AM  Students will attend the start in the Arena and in Oberinn


Bike School

  • 11.00 AM Meeting point in S. Valentino 
  • 11.30 AM – 13.00 PM Bike school”, with awareness activities on a maxi screen. 

WEATHER FORECAST: The riders will find cloudy sky and temperatures around 13-14° in the finale of stage 3.

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