#TotA and SPORTLER together to be “Best in the Alps”

#TotA and SPORTLER together to be “Best in the Alps”

The chain of sporting goods stores, a euroregional excellence at international level, has tied itself to the Tour of the Alps on a multi-year deal. A valuable alliance enhanced by co-marketing initiatives: the #TotA will be featured in SPORTLER shops from the beginning of 2023

Tour of the Alps and SPORTLER have plenty in common: they are almost the same age (46 editions for the #TotA and 45 years of history for SPORTLER), both come from the Tirol, South Tyrol/Alto Adige and Trentino Euroregion, and both rely on sporting spirit and experience at the highest level to grow into "Best in the Alps."

That’s indeed SPORTLER’s payoff: the euroregional giant among sporting goods retailers is a new partner of the Tour of the Alps, as announced during the prestigious vernissage in Milan on November 4th, and there is plenty of reason to think that this meeting was written in the stars.

The 46th edition of the Tour of the Alps (17-21 April) is enriched not only by a prestigious partner, but by a travelling companion with whom to share a constantly growing path, and to create valuable experiences - during the event and beyond.

SPORTLER's long-term vision linked to the Tour of the Alps starts from supporting the formula and philosophy proposed by the GS Alto Garda, that of an intense and spectacular race, which is attentive and engaging in every facet for athletes, stakeholders, guests and of course fans.

This is an ideal platform for SPORTLER, whose shops have been appealing to sports enthusiasts in the worlds of cycling, running, fitness and even winter sports for 45 years. In the last two years, SPORTLER has opened two 'SPORTLER Bike' mega-stores dedicated exclusively to the bike world, the first in Peschiera del Garda and the second, in spring 2022, in Bozen/Bolzano.

For several years already, SPORTLER has shown its commitment to cycling in order to strengthen the brand: a path now pursued with further decisiveness, becoming one of the Golden Sponsors of the flagship sporting event of the Euro-regional alliance.

“Our passion for cycling comes from afar, and for some years now, with our SPORTLER Bike project, we have decided to commit ourselves more and more to the world of two wheels, with professionalism, specialization and the desire to attract and cultivate a community of bike lovers,” said SPORTLER CEO Jakob Oberrauch.

“For us at SPORTLER, bike is synonymous with sustainability, movement, territory and community and we strongly believe in creating partnerships and relationships with suppliers and entities with whom we can share our passion and fundamental values, with the goal of meeting our standards in temps of quality products, support and services.”

“The Tour of the Alps is getting ready to offer another top-level cycling show through our marvellous landscapes, and we could not miss the opportunity to be in the front row alongside all the passionate cyclists, in a context that perfectly combines the competitive aspect and the territorial promotion.”

The one between #TotA and SPORTLER will not be a simple brand sponsorship, but a real shared path strongly focused on shared experiences and co-marketing initiatives, starting with the presence of the Tour of the Alps in SPORTLER’s stores from January 2023.

In the shops of Innsbruck, Treviso and Bruneck/Brunico and in the megastores of Bozen/Bolzano and Peschiera del Garda, in fact, it will be possible to find visual and informative materials to enter the Tour of the Alps universe, while SPORTLER's digital channels and newsletters will support the communication of Tour of the Alps news and initiatives to an audience of active sports lovers. In addition, further actions are being studied, to make SPORTLER a protagonist of the overall #TotA environment.

An significant, all-year-round showcase that confirms the depth of the understanding between #TotA and SPORTLER, and the growing interest generated by the project launched in 2017 by GS Alto Garda and the three territorial marketing entities coordinated by the Euregio, Tirol Werbung, IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige and Trentino Marketing.

"The landing of SPORTLER in our partner panel is a very important indication, - explained Maurizio Evangelista, General Manager of the Tour of the Alps - not only because it is a Euroregional excellence that sees in our project a perfect platform to communicate its brand and values, but because it speaks of the credibility that the sports industry now attributes to the Tour of the Alps’ brand and format. We believe there are the conditions to make this collaboration a great workshop of initiatives: we feel that our enthusiasm is shared by SPORTLER's top management, and for us there couldn't be a better start."

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