We MISS you: Tour of the Alps is looking for its new smiles!

The international stage race (April 17th – 21st) launches the “We MISS you” campaign to recruit the podium girls representing the three Euregio’s regions, Tirol, Südtirol and Trentino

The Tour of the Alps, the new international stage race (from April 17th to April 21st) replacing former Giro del Trentino, will be an event in the name of beauty: beauty of the race, honoured by international superstars, beauty of the landscapes that will accompany the peloton stage by stage, and beauty of the hard routes and climbs. And of course, there will be a scent of feminine charm to delight riders and cycling fans from the start to the finish line.

G.S. Alto Garda organizers have launched the “We MISS you” campaign to select the official podium girls of the events, introducing the stages before the start and rewarding the athletes with the race jerseys during the awarding ceremony.

With two months to the start, the Tour of the Alps (5 stages and 18 teams, including 7 UCI World Teams) will select the three podium girls – one for each Euregio region, Tirol, Südtirol and Trentino – through an online recruitment process. The eligible candidates must be amid 18 and 25 year-old, and preferably cycling fans. Other information required by the organization are listed in the form available on the homepage of the official website, as well as on the event’s Facebook page.

Tour of the Alps’ search for its new smiles will be closed when the race reaches the start in Kufstein, Austria, with a certainty: the event symbol of the Euro-regional union will count on worthy ambassadors of its territories beauty.