Mastro7 Trophy, the award which will be given at the Tour of the Alps represents the event’s values

The Tour of the Alps had a strongly suggestive trophy for the winner of the overall final results. It is a work of art by Mastro7, artist from Trentino, which resumes and symbolizes the values of cohesion and cross-border cooperation – the core values of the Euroregio race project.

The support of the work of art is made out of three rocks: the Southern ammonite red stands for Trentino, the South Tyrol Lasa white and the Alps granite, present in the whole alpine Region, especially in Austria. The latter rock – with its mix of minerals strengthened in the geological era, merges together the value and the role played by the union and the cohesion amon Trentino, South Tyrol and North Tyrol.

A plexiglas element is inserted into the rocky basis support and its dynamic lines recall the climbs, blooming like a flower.

On the top, the event logo and on the support the logos of the three regions supporting the project.

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