Tour of the Alps stage 2 shortened due to weather conditions

Snow in Austria forced the organizers to move the start to Vipiteno. Margreiter: “The passage on the Europa Bridge was important to us, but riders’ safety must come first.”

The Tour of the Alps’ stage 2, originally 181,3 km from Innsbruck to Innervillgraten, will be shortened due to the severe weather condition. This was the decision taken in full agreement by the Jury and the Organizing committee, as the passage on the Brennero Pass was deemed to be too dangerous for the riders due to heavy snowing.

The new start will be given at 12.00 in Vipiteno, for an overall distance of 140,4 km.

The new race programme means that the iconic start on the Europe Bridge will not be held. “We are very saddened by the loss of this start, also for its symbolical meaning, but we realize there was actually no other choice. The rider’s safety must come first, so we totally agree with the UCI decision to shorten the stage,” said Josef Margreiter, Director of Tirol Werbung.