Tour of the Alps in exposition at Brenner’s Plessi Museum

From June 20th to the end of August, the photo exhibition “Tour of the Alps: Euregio seen from a bike” will be on show at the Plessi Museum, featuring the most beautiful pics of the euro-regional stage race

The charm of Tour of the Alps is one of the reasons that made the Euro-regional race so popular all over the World – and not only from a technical point of view. That’s part of what makes the cycling event organized between Tirol, South Tyrol and Trentino so effective in the promotion of the territories.

The Euregio seen from a cycling perspective is protagonist of the photo exhibition “Tour of the Alps: Euregio seen from the bike”. The exhibition will be open on Thursday June 20th (h. 11 CET) at Brenner’s Plessi Museum, in the building of the former custom between Italy and Austria, now a symbol of the cross-border cooperation.

In the main room, a transparent museum space on the surrounding countryside, is located the big sculpture “The Soul of the Nature” realized by Fabrizio Plessi on the occasion occasion of Expo 2000 in Hannover. The Euregio stand hosts the sculpture, as symbol of the cooperation between Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino. The sculpture is composed by three triangles, representing the regions of Euregio and a series of displays representing the water immersion. Water is the dominating element of this sculpture, in the form of Tyrolean glaciers, South Tyrolean streams and Trentino lakes.

The exhibition is an initiative organized in collaboration with A22 Autostrada del Brennero, the company that manages the Brenner Highway, known as “The Bridge to Europe”, thanks to its role of liaison between Italy and the rest of Europe.

The most beautiful pictures of the 2019 Tour of the Alps, taken by the accredited photographers, will be on show from June 20th to the end of August, giving travellers between Italy and Austria a point of view on the unique context characterizing the euro-regional cycling event.

In addition, in occasion of the openign, the “Euregio Cycling Award” photo competition will be assigned to the author of the best photo of the 2019 Tour of the Alps among the 11 selected, at the presence of Autostrada del Brennero’s President Luigi Olivieri, GS Alto Garda’s President Giacomo Santini and the representatives of the territories.