Tour of the Alps gets greener with A22 Brenner Motorway

Bridge between Italy and Europe, the A22 Brenner Motorway works in the field of sustainable mobility with the freight transport on rail, promoting activities to reduce emissions and road accidents

A passage on the way to Europe”. The Brenner Motorway was described with this metaphor long before its realization in the ‘60s. This key road connects Italy with the rest of Europe, representing the main gateway to cross the Italian-Austrian border, with 11 million vehicle passages a year.

Thus, the connection between the Brenner Highway and the Tour of the Alps, the cycling event that unites three territories with a common history – Trentino, South Tyrol and Tirol – feels very natural. The euro-regional alliance aims to strengthen the collaboration between these lands, going beyond the national borders.

The Brenner Motorway will be alongside the Tour of the Alps (April 19-23) as a sponsor, and their match has started showing well before the event on the MoveTV screens in all the Brenner Motorway’s service stations, airing a special Tour of the Alps promotional video.

Besides, the Brenner Highway shares with cycling another important theme, the approach toward sustainable mobility. The bike is not the first thought when talking about highways, yet A22 has been promoting green politics for many years.

We believe that the highways’ policies play a decisive role in guiding the future of the mobility – explains A22 CEO Diego Cattoni. – The environmental issue is at the top of the agendas of all economically developed countries, and I think our territories whose determination stood behind the creation of the A22 can be proud of having the only green hydrogen production center distribution in Italy is active in Bolzano thanks also to the Brenner motorway, and that our goal, as a company, is to create the first Green Corridor in Europe“.

The way to go is a reinforced integration between road and rail transportation: indeed, the Brenner Motorway group also deals with rail freight transport and handles about 12,000 trains a year. The opening of the Brenner Tunnel will greatly facilitate the movement of millions of tons of goods from the motorway to the rail, but alongside the high-speed rail, the A22 will continue to develop. The Brenner motorway offers a network of charging stations for electric cars, but the company plan for sustainable mobility also provides for the construction of four hydrogen charging centers to make Brenner the first ‘hydrogen’ motorway in Italy.

In the meantime, the dynamic speed management developed with BrennerLec showed great results on the environmental side and in terms of travel and accident density.

For this reason, the Brenner Highway continues on its route of technological research on the C-Roads European project for connected driving. “Sustainability is determined by the safety of travelers, which is hard to achieve if the human mistake, reason of the 93% of the road accidents, does not find its lifeline in technology. Zero-emission and zero-accidents is our goal to achieve sustainability”, concluded Cattoni.

We are proud of this long-time partnership – explains GS Alto Garda’s President Giacomo Santini the vision showed by this company, founded on sustainable mobility. It is no coincidence: green is the color of the Tour of the Alps, an event that bears an important message in the difficult moment we all are experiencing today”.