Tour of the Alps and Vittoria on the road together again in 2021

Environmental sustainability is one of the values that the Italian company shares with the euro-regional cycling event (April 19-23). Vittoria Servizio Corse will provide neutral support at the stage race

After the positive experience of 2019, Vittoria has confirmed the partnership agreement with the Tour of the Alps in view of the 2021 edition, to be held from April 19th to 23rd.

Official partner of remarkable cycling organizations and events like the UEC (Union Européenne de Cyclisme), the Italian company, leading bike tires manufacturer, aims to consolidate its positioning in World-class cycling. The Tour of the Alps, one of the fastest growing realities in international cycling, was a perfect match for Vittoria. The GS Alto Garda organizers are setting up another top-level edition, characterized by the well-tested formula of short and challenging stages with 12 World Tour Teams.

The Italian brand shares with the Tour of the Alps essential values like environmental sustainability. In 2019, an electric motorbike made its debut at #TotA in the security moto service team, whilst Vittoria has introduced an internal ‘Green Committee‘, setting new company procedures to reduce the environmental impact.

Vittoria believes in cycling as a virtuous example of sustainable mobility, and supports the Tour of the Alps also with the neutral assistance during the event with its Servizio Corse.

Vittoria is an important partner of the Tour of the Alps: three years ago, Vittoria decided to believe in our project and its values – said the GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini. – “In addition, Vittoria Servizio Corse is a byword of excellence, reliability and safety, one of the strengths characterizing our event“.

The Tour of the Alps is an event of its kind. A transnational stage race that is increasingly important in the cycling world – explained Vittoria SPA Chief Commercial Officer Ernesto Garcia Domingo – “We are proud of this partnership and the support we can give to every athlete with our Servizio Corse Vittoria“.

Vittoria Group is the World’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires with over 7 million tires produced annually. Its R&D Center develops the best racing tires. In fact, Vittoria was the first company to employ ‘graphene‘ in its products, representing its competitive advantage. The graphene is a very light material but very resistant: 200 times stronger than steel and 200 times thinner than a human hair.