Tour of the Alps and FIAT Lüftner together in the name of ecology

The natural gas-driven FIAT 500 unveiled in Innsbruck as the official car of the Euroregional stage race (April 16th-20th, 2018) confirming the environmental awareness of the event

Climbs, champions, big show, yet something more: the Tour of the Alps (April 16th-20th, 2018) confirmed to be an event characterized by environment protection and respect for nature – core values fully shared by the three Euroregions (Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino).

To underline the ecological footprint of the event, today, Friday March 16th, in Innsbruck, the Tour of the Alps established the partnership with Fiat Lüftner, one of Austria’s biggest Fiat-Dealers.

The natural gas-driven FIAT 500L is the Tour of the Alps official car: one of the most technically-advanced and convenient natural gas-driven cars manufactured by the Turin company on the market. In fact, Fiat Lüftner is one of Austria’s most successful dealers with natural gas-driven cars as demonstrated by their relationship with TIGAS and SEL in South Tyrol. Moreover, the “fleet” of vehicles of the Euroregional race is completed by four FIAT Talento vans.

Thanks to the partnership with the Tour of the Alps, Fiat Lüftner confirmed its longterm commitment in cycling. “We’ve been supporting the very successful Tyrol Cycling Team and its mission statement ‘ride with passion’ for over ten years. Therefore, we are proud to be the new Tour of the Alps’ car partner – the event is on the best way to become one of Europe`s leading cycling tours”, Fiat Lüftner’s CEO Harald Nössig explained.

The Tour of the Alps honors the environmental commitment with an ambitious project in the name of ecology, finding on its way a great ‘ally’ like Fiat Lüftner. In fact, the natural gas-driven cars represent a big step forward to reduce gas emissions and sound pollution”, G.S. Alto Garda’s President Giacomo Santini said.