Tour of the Alps 2019: Insights of a Stage with the Vittoria Service Course

Salurn - Baselga di Pinè, third stage of the Tour of the Alps, April 24th.
A day with the Vittoria Service Course experts:
Mario Scirea (TTT world champion in 1987 and UAE Team Emirates sport director since 2015) and Roberto Mora, mechanic.

The Team Vittoria vehicles at the start of the stage

Nothing is left unchecked, everything must come handy for a quick assistance, but also be safely tight on each car. The attention for details is enormous

The Vittoria experts lined up at the start

The notorious Francesco Moser with Mario Scirea, few instants before the flag drops

Get some calls on the list? Then you should rather make them in advance, during the race you must always be ready to take action and Roberto Mora knows his way.

Double check of the course for Mario Scirea, Vittoria Service Course car driver. The map taped on the dashboard will be useful during the race.

The colorful “snake” of riders  during the third stage of the Tour of the Alps moves through the roads which leads from Salurn to Baselga di Pinè

Busy, so it is the street during a race reserved to professionist, made by riders and cars which whizz side by side, in a delicate interlocking game. It’s worth paying the maximum attention

Wheels and tools box at the mechanic’s fingertips

Few km after the start, and the assistance to the riders has already started. The race heats up, if team cars can’t reach their athletes in the breakaway, then it’s a Service Course business to collect the unnecessary extra clothings.

Some riders lose ground, but you just can’t lose sight on them

The Vittoria car spotted by photographers.

The stage runs trough Palù di Giovo, as a tribute to Francesco Moser

“Radio corsa”, primary support to provide and receive live infos during the race

To drive a car along such a sport event it is no joke

A quick chat with the Team Sky sport director Matteo Tosatto

Two eyes which count as many more, those of the expert Mario Scirea

The time comes, Radio Corsa calls “puncture”, the mechanic rushes and get off the car to provide a fast assistance to the rider

Few seconds needed to replace the punctured wheel and the rider is back in the race

The race is over, but the Service Course work is not. They will have to give the riders’ wheels back to their teams and recollect the Vittoria material.