TotA meets history: the Euregio celebrates the “Maximilian Year"

In 2019, Tour of the Alps will be part of the celebration of a special anniversary for Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino: it will be 500 years since the death of Emperor Maximilian I of Hagsburgs, widely regarded by historians as “the first European"

Three areas united in history, three territories that share founding values: at the 2019 Tour of the Alps (April 22nd-26th, 2019), the Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino Euro-Region will dive back into its glorious past on the occasion of the “Maximilian Year”.

The professional stage race organized by G.S. Alto Garda will be part a special anniversary celebrated by the Euro-region. In 2019, it will be 500 years since the death of Emperor Maximilian I of Hagsburgs, considered  by historians “The First European”, promoter of unity between Countries and cultures.

Maximilian I had a special connection with the Euregio area, unified under his empire. In fact, the regions and territories crossed by Tour of the Alps used to belong to his domain: from Kufstein, Northern edge of the historical Tirol, that will host the start of 2019 Tour of the Alps’ stage 1, to Ala, representing the southern border of Trentino, and including the current territory of Südtirol.

To celebrate the crucial role of Maximilian I in the Euregio history, the Euregio will promote a number of events and initiatives to spread the knowledge on the Emperor’s life and actions, and on how some traces of his empire can still be found today: the unity spirit that permeates the Tour of the Alps is certainly one of those.