#TotA Day 5: A scenic final in Riva del Garda for an exciting race

After 4 days of battles and emotions, the euro-regional event is ready for the final stage. Simon Yates is close to winning but his opponents will try to disrupt the plans of the Briton on the ascents of the day: Duron, Ballino and Lago di Tenno. Two hours of live broadcast from 2.00 pm CET

Good morning from the 2021 Tour of the Alps! The first four stages of the euro-regional event have shaped the general classification, with Simon Yates (Team BikeExchange) clearly having the edge so far. Anyway, it’s not over until the riders cross the finish line of the fifth stage, and another day of spectacular race has to be expected from the start in Valle del Chiese/Idroland to the finish in Riva del Garda after 120,9 Km entirely in Trentino.

From the Lake Idro to the Lake Garda, the riders will face Passo Duron, Passo del Ballino and the Lake Tenno ascent, the latter placed on the final circuit to be repeated twice. The finish is placed in Piazza Garibaldi, in downtown Riva del Garda, the pearl of Garda Trentino, ready to crown the new king of the Tour of the Alps.


Meeting Place: 10:15, Bondone (loc. Baitoni-Lago di Idro)
Start: 12:15, Bondone (loc. Baitoni, SP69)
Finish: 15:30, Riva del Garda (Piazza Garibaldi)
Intermediate Sprint: Fiavè, km 56.1
KOM: Passo Duron (1a cat., km 40,1); Lago di Tenno (2a cat., km 86,8)

THE STARTING LINE: VALLE DEL CHIESE/IDROLAND. The Valle del Chiese, whose name hails from the river that crosses the valley, is an area of Trentino rich with breathtaking landscapes. The “Idro Lake” natural area, the Val di Fumo mountains up to the Carè Alto peaks and the Lobbie and Adamello glaciers can all be reached within a few kilometers’ distance.

ON THE ROAD: Blue like a diamond and set in green woods, the Tenno Lake is a pleasure for the eyes. It is an ideal location for picnics, but don’t miss the opportunity to explore the surroundings, such as the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, one of Italy’s most beautiful “Borghi”.

THE STAGE TASTE: The Carne Salada is a typical meat from Garda Trentino, usually prepared with cuts of beef and calf tongue. Originally used for boiled meats, nowadays the Carne Salada is enjoyed in a variety of ways and preparations: can be sautéed in a pan or grilled, but also served raw as carpaccio or tartare, while also inspiring the creativity of the local chefs of Garda Trentino.

DON’T MISS: The Ponale road is an old street that goes up the valley of the Ponale stream, and it used to be the main connection between the Ledro Valley and Riva del Garda. Today, this itinerary is one of the most iconic and cherished in Europe for hiking and mountain bike. Three kilometers north of Riva del Garda, the 100 mt. high Varone waterfall is also worth a visit.

THE FINISH: RIVA DEL GARDA. The pearl of Lake Garda. The microclimate of the lake, the long beaches and an enchanting panorama have inspired the greatest poets in history. Riva can offer a variety of experiences, with active vacations in first place: sailing and windsurfing, but also trekking, hiking, mountain bike, climbing, rowing and much more.


For stage 5, the authorities of the Autonomous Province of Trento have issued an order to suspend the traffic in the opposite direction to the cyclists’ direction 60 minutes before the times indicated in the timesheets, and 30 minutes in the direction of travel in advance of the times indicated in the timesheets. The road SS240 will be closed in Riva del Garda’s direction upstream of the tunnel entrance at the intersection with the SP 234 Pregasina.


Two hours of Live broadcast each day characterized 2021 Tour of the Alps, from 2.00 pm CET to 4.00 pm CET.

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