#TotA Day 1: The restart begins from Brixen/Bressanone

At 11.55 am CET, the 44th Tour of the Alps begins from South Tyrol for the first time in its history. Stage 1 (Brixen/Bressanone-Innsbruck, 140,6 Km) promises a big show thanks to a nervous finale. The riders will face the Brenner/Brennero and Axams climbs before the grand finale on the Rennweg. Two hours of live broadcast from 2.00 pm CET

Good morning from the 2021 Tour of the Alps! The 44th edition of the euro-regional stage race will start this morning, Monday April 19th, from Brixen/Bressanone for the South Tyrolean first depart in the history of the event organized by GS Alto Garda. The Tour of the Alps restarts from the Eisacktal/Valle Isarco after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the health emergency.

Innsbruck, Tirol, will host the finish line of the stage 1 after 140,6 Km. A nervous finale is suited to puncheurs and riders with sprinters skills: Brenner/Brennero and Axams (to face twice) are the two climbs in the programme before the classic finish line of the Rennweg, the same of the 2018 UCI Road World Championships Innsbruck-Tirol.


Meeting Place: 9,50, Brixen/Bressanone, Domplatz/Piazza del Duomo
Start: 11.55, Brixen/Bressanone, Via Peter Mayr
Finish: 15.30, Innsbruck, Rennweg
Intermediate Sprint: Sterzing/Vipiteno, Km 38,7
KOM: Brenner/Brennero (2a cat. Km 52,1), Axams (3a cat. Km 104,7)

THE STARTING LINE: BRIXEN/BRESSANONE. The alleys of the old city, the Cathedral, the ancient Bishop’s Palace, and the art galleries, but also the unique charm of the Dolomites and the Plose, the local mountain to be experienced throughout the year. This dual nature makes Brixen unique, combining urban flair and magnificent mountain scenery.

ON THE ROAD: For centuries, the Brenner Pass has been a crucial crossing between Central and Southern Europe. German kings used to cross the pass on their way to the imperial coronation in Rome. Writers and novelists crossed it on their travels through Italy. Since decades, the pass is no longer a border, but rather a meeting place where Mediterranean influences merge with Tyrolean friendliness.

THE STAGE TASTE: From the 150 liters of milk that flow every day from the farmers of the area to the Latteria Vipiteno, to the steep slopes where white grapes give life to the fine wines of the Eisacktal Valley. In the middle, the Natz-Schabs High Apple Plateau, enriched with the scent of the sweet nectar of the apple trees during the flowering months. The taste of stage 1 is ready to be enjoyed.

DON’T MISS: A few steps from the start, the Monastery of Neustift is not to be missed. Inside it, you can admire the Engelsburg castle – a downscaled replica of the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome – and the unique manuscripts in the library. A tour of the monastery winery, producing fine wines for over 850, can be booked in advance.

THE FINISH: INNSBRUCK. Walking through the streets of its old town you can admire iconic buildings such as the Goldenes Dachl or the impressive boulevard entitled to the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. But it’s enough to lift the eyes to see beyond and surrender to the charm of those amazing mountains.


For stage 1, scheduled for Monday 19th, the authorities of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Tyrolean authorities have issued an order to suspend the traffic, in both directions, on all roads crossed by the race, at least 40 minutes before the passage of the start vehicle and until the passage of the closing vehicle.


Two hours of Live broadcast each day characterized 2021 Tour of the Alps, from 2.00 pm CET to 4.00 pm CET.

TV: Eurosport (Europe, East Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Pacific Area, Indian Subcontinent), RaiSport (Italy, San Marino, Vatican City), Equipe TV (France), TV2 (Denmark).

LIVE STREAMING: Eurosport Player, GCN – Global Cycling Network, Repubblica.it, Tuttobiciweb.it, Federciclismo, K19.tv, PMG Sport (Facebook Page and Youtube channel in Austria, Japan, China, New Zealand and Mexico).