Stage 1: Riva del Garda - Torbole

Torbole is the first stage finish city of 2016 Giro del Trentino. It is part of the Nago-Torbole municipality, and is located on the Lake Garda banks, with its wealth of hotels and touristic facilities. Just like the whole surrounding area, Torbole enjoys a peculiar Mediterranean microclimate. Not by a case, Goethe defined the Northern Lake Garda area “the land of lemons”.

The wind – or the winds, depending on the time – breathing on the lake are an important natural source, making Torbole an ideal location for sailing and windsurfing, indeed very popular in this enchanting corner of the Lake Garda. The overlooking town of Nago is characterized by the Fortresses from the Austro-Hungarian period, as well as the famous “Marmitte dei Giganti” (Giants’ marmities), spectacular and impressive rock formations dating back to the post-glacial era, to be found between the Sarca river and the rock spur where the Forte (Fortress) of Nago is situated.

The beautiful shore also features a modern and beautiful pedestrian path, running through all the Northern Lake Garda locations and extending up to Arco, and beyond. Hotels and fitness facilities can provide all the needed relax after the many outdoor activities available in the zone.

Hailing from Torbole is Italian former pole vaulter Renato Dionisi (1947).

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