Today is the big day in Kufstein: 2019 Tour of the Alps begins

At 11.45 am, the 43rd Tour of the Alps begins from Tirol. The stage 1 (Kufstein-Kufstein, 144 Km) promises a big show thanks to a nervous finale. Live broadcasted from 2.00 pm

Good morning from the 2019 Tour of the Alps! The 43rd edition of the euro-regional stage race started from Kufstein, the second city of Tirol in terms of importance, located next to the border with neighbouring Bavaria. A nervous finale is suited to puncheurs and riders with sprinters skills capable of withstanding on the Hinterthiersee climb.


Meeting Place: Kufstein, Oberer Stadtplatz, h 10:00
Start: Kufstein, Oberer Stadtplatz, h 11:45
Finish: Kufstein, Oberer Stadtplatz, h 15:20
Intermediate Sprint: Bad Haring, KM 90,1
KOM: Mariastein (3a cat., km 45.8); Hinterthiersee (2a cat., km 117.1)


After staging the start of the Men’s Elite World Championship, Kufstein is now ready to inaugurate the year 3 of Tour of the Alps’ project, like it did in 2017. On that April 17th 2017, the finish in Innsbruck/Hungerburg after 142,3 km was conquered by the unforgettable Michele Scarponi.

Today, on Monday April 22nd, is the 22nd anniversary of the Italian rider, tragically pass away on his home roads, while training after placing overall fourth at the 2017 Tour of the Alps.

On the way of this tragic events, the Tour of the Alps promoted awareness initiatives on road safety and the respect of vulnerable users like riders. Since the beginning, the Tour of the Alps has partnered with ACCPI – the Italian Pro Cyclists Association for the respect of vulnerable users like riders. This time out, the GS Alto Garda felt the urge to do something more: the Red Intermediate Sprints leader’s jersey won’t show the brand of a sponsor, but the logo and payoff of the “Siamo sulla stessa strada” campaign: to stop the carnage of cyclists, ACCPI is asking the Italian Prime Minister for new and accurate regulations to protect bike users on the road, starting with the 1,5 mt minimum lateral space to be left when overtaking a rider.

In addition, the Tour of the Alps will celebrate the best team effort in the race with the Team Up AwardSouvenir Michele Scarponi. The Team Up award, created in agreement of Michele Scarponi’s family and in collaboration with ACCPI will reward the team providing the best collective effort on each day. The winning team will be called on the main stage at the start on the following day and deliver a Tour of the Alps’ contribution to a charity association active in the start city.

START AND FINISH: KUFSTEIN. Located next to the border with neighbouring Bavaria, Kufstein is the second-largest town in Tirol and has a population of 20,000 inhabitants. The town’s most recognisable feature is Kufstein Castle. This 800-year-old fortress is today home to a covered arena used to host events as well as a museum and the Heldenorgel, the largest open-air organ anywhere in the world. The villages around Kufstein are known for their many lakes, including the Längsee, Hechtsee and a little further away the Walchsee . They are all popular swimming spots in summer.

ON THE ROAD: Kufstein’s local mountain is the Pendling. At 1,536 metres above sea level, it is considered to have some of the most spectacular views in the Tirolean Unterland, as the east of the region is known. From its summit you can see the Großglockner, Austria’s highest mountain, as well as the majestic Kitzbühel Alps. The area around the top of the mountain is famous for its rich variety of flowers which bloom in late spring.

THE STAGE TASTE: Kiachl is a round, doughy snack with curled up sides and a flat section in the middle normally filled with sauerkraut or cranberry jam. Sometimes Kiachl are served just with a dusting of icing sugar. Traditionally eaten on special occasions, the Kiachl is considered perfectly cooked if it is soft and fluffy on the inside but with a golden brown crust on the outside – a tricky combination which takes many years to perfect.

DON’T MISS: Just a few kilometres east of Kufstein lie the mighty Kaiser Mountains. This alpine massif is actually made up of two separate mountain chains: the Wilder Kaiser and the Zahmer Kaiser. Together they form one of the most eye-catching and well-known mountain groups in the Eastern Alps. A large area of the Kaiser Mountains lies within a nature reserve accessible neither by road nor by cable car.


On the occasion of the Tour of the Alps presentation in Kufstein, a new project promoted by Euregio in collaboration with the three territorial partners – Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino – was presented, whose first initiative will be related with the Tour of the Alps.

Euregio Cycling Community is a new reality made by non-professional riders from the three lands, respresening the key values of the Euroregional cooperation in the most impoetant granfondo events. The first adventure of the new project will be connected to the Tour of the Alps: three riders for each territory will face the five jersey of the race some days before the event, showing an all-different perspective on it through a content series on the Tour of the Alps official channels.

WEATHER: The sun welcomes Tour of the Alps’ peloton in Kufstein. During the day, temperatures will reach 22°.


A hour and 30 minutes of Live broadcast each day characterized 2019 Tour of the Alps, from 2 pm CET to 3.30 pm CET.

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