The Tour of the Alps beauties live on Eurosport (and more)

One month to go for the Euro-regional stage race (April 17th-21st), formerly Giro del Trentino, that will benefit of an extensive live coverage in over 70 countries

One month to one of the most exciting novelties of cycling season: the Tour of the Alps, formerly Giro del Trentino, that will take place from April 17th to 21st surrounded by the wonderful scenario of Tirol, Südtirol and Trentino. It will be a can’t-miss fixture for the cycling fans worldwide as the stage race will be aired live on TV and online streaming (pc and mobile) in over 70 countries.

The iconic Euro-regional event will debut on the international scale with a 1h30 daily live coverage and around 8 hours overall. Also Eurosport joined the panel of the rights holders, guaranteeing its Pan-Europe exposure (with the sole exception of UK, covered by Bike Channel). More leading European broadcasters such as Raisport (Italy), Equipe TV (France), TV2 (Denmark) and probably ORF (Austria) will display the race, whilst the EBU will disseminate the highlights in 60 countries.

In simulcast with the TV broadcasters, the race will be broadcast live on the web by Cycling TV (North America), Econet (Africa),,,, and In addition, the LIVE signal will be spread on Facebook as part of the Ciclismo Cup, the Italian challenge organized by Lega Ciclismo Professionistico, powered by PMG Sport as host broadcaster and rights holder.

Everywhere in Europe and worldwide Tour of the Alps will display a great show – explained GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santinia significant achievement for the whole Euro-region and its territories, renowned to be among the most enchanting of the Alps. We are confident we will offer a superb event, enhanced by the best cycling superstars”.

RaiSport (Italy)
Bike Channel (Italy)
Eurosport (Pan-Europe except United Kingdom)
Bike Channel UK (United Kingdom)
Equipe (France and French DROM-COM)
TV2 (Denmark)
EcoNet (Africa)
Cycling tv (US, Canada, Australia)
EBU (highlights, 60 TV Associates)