The new Giro del Trentino exceeds the borders

From April 17 to 21, 2017, the Italian stage race switches to a Euro-regional format, trespassing to Südtirol and Austrian Tirol. The new naming of the race (raising to five-day event) to be unveiled soon

Coming off a resounding 40th edition last April, Giro del Trentino Melinda looks ahead and crosses borders: the well-known Italian 2.HC stage race will broaden its territories to Südtirol and Austrian Tirol from 2017 onwards.

The 2017 edition will take place from 17th to 21st of April, confirming the race as a key rehearsal on the road to the Giro d’Italia: raising to five-day event (one more than the current four), making it possible to valorize all of the three Euro-regional main areas, both technically and territorially.

After reaching the 40 years thresholdGS Alto Garda President and former MEP Giacomo Santini explained – we had the opportunity to take on a new challenge. Over the years, we have established very positive cooperation with Trentino’s neighbors, particularly in Eastern Tirol where several Giro del Trentino stages have finished. Trentino remains the event’s homeland but the connection established with Südtirol and Austrian Tirol moves in the direction of a more powerful event, that will be able to live up to the tradition of excellence we have built in our history, and possibly exceed it.

The new event, whose naming will be unveiled shortly, remains under the guidance of GS Alto Garda, the organizational reference point and coordinator between the various Euro-Regional entities now involved in the race. GS Alto Garda will also maintain its membership to the Italian Cycling Association and to the Lega Ciclismo Professionistico.