The “Ciclismo vita mia” award to Lina and late Nerino Ioppi

A touching tribute to the late GS Alto Garda secretary during the official presentation

The 40th Giro del Trentino-Melinda’s “Ciclismo Vita Mia Award”, entitled to former GS Alto Garda President Guido Amistadi, was assigned yesterday, March 29th, on the occasion of the race’s official presentation.

Just weeks before the first ever Giro del Trentino-Melinda without Nerino Ioppi, long-time GS Alto Garda secretary who passed away in last September, the award was attributed to the memory of Nerino and to his wife, Lina Ioppi: both the spouses were among the founders of the event, along with Guido Amistadi and Giacomo Santini, and supported the race with huge passion throughout its 40-year history.

The “Ciclismo Vita Mia” is awarded every year to a someone whose commitment and passion for cycling became a reason for life, and was attributed on the occasion at the presence of GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini and Honorary President Francesco Moser, Trentino’s Sports Assessor Tiziano Mellarini, Melinda Consortium President Michele Odorizzi, and Lega Ciclismo Professionistico President Enzo Ghigo, who dedicated an emotional tribute to Nerino, saluted with a long applause by the attending public.