Riva del Garda

Stage 1: Riva del Garda - Torbole

Once again, the beauties of the Northern Lake Garda will provide the setting for the 2016 Giro del Trentino Melinda debut, with a spectacular team time trial named “Garda Trentino opening”. And once again it’s Riva del Garda to shoot the starting gun: cultural and touristic center, with a magnificent view over the Lake, Riva is practically home for Giro del Trentino Melinda and its organizing group, G.S. Alto Garda, whose base is in the near Arco. Giro del Trentino Melinda’s organizer and founder, G.S. Alto Garda was born in the Garda Trentino, thanks to the effort and commitment by Guido Amistadi, Nerino and Lina Ioppi, and the collaboration by a big group of volunteers. They started the road of Giro del Trentino Melinda, which has eventually become an established international event, successful in its mission to promote the wonderful Trentino region, and one of the most loved and cherished by riders, cycling insiders and fans.

Just like Arco, Riva del Garda is part of the Alto Garda and Ledro community. Riva is a very popular holiday destination, thanks to its climate, beautiful nature and opportunities for active vacations and sports, either in water or in the surrounding territory and mountains. In addition to the iconic lake, the view from Riva del Garda is characterized by the Mount Rocchetta (1575 mt) and, eastbound,  the peculiar shape of the Mount Baldo. Riva del Garda is the most southern point of the Province of Trento, and is located just between the Provinces of Verona (eastern side of the Lake Garda) and Brescia (western bank). Just nearby, in Torbole, the affluent Sarca river reaches the lake; 52 km southbound (the extension of the Lake Garda), in Peschiera, water outflows into the emissary Mincio river. Riva del Garda is also the point of division (or union) between different regions, with Veneto at East, Lombardia at West, and Trentino-Alto Adige in between. Other notable natural attractions in the Riva area are the Ledro and Tenno lakes and the Varone waterfalls.

The city was fortified by the Austrian empire, which is still visible from several details, and was a touristic destination already at the time of the Hapsburgs, attended by personalities like Franz Joseph of Austria, Franz Kafka and Thomas Mann. The most ancient part of the city also recalls Venetian atmospheres, with many villas and luxury dwellings with garden and parks. Hospitality is part of the DNA of the area, whose lake-related facilities include shores, a deck and several sailing clubs and activities. Riva del Garda also offers some intriguing food and wine popular, and it is constantly animated by a wealth of events throughout the year, including some famous music festivals. Piazza III Novembre, the heart of the city, a square just in front of the lake, is where the City Hall is located, inside the 1300 Council Palace, where Roman and Medieval headstones can be found, overlooked by the iconic Torre Apponale. The quadrilateral Rocca (fortress) is not far away, on the lake, with angolar towers: reconditioned, it’s now the venue of the City Museum. The Baroque church of the “Inviolata” (1600) is also worth a visit.

Tourism is certainly the main economical asset for Riva del Garda, but manufactural activites but manufactural activities can’t be underestimated too, in particular the paper industry.

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