Porte: “Made a wrong call and won, that’s great”

Richie Porte doesn’t miss a shot: his ninth seasonal success achieved at Giro del Trentino Melinda in Brentonico strengthened his reputation as stage race serial-killer: Paris Nice first, Vuelta a Catalunya then, and now a strong bid to be overall winner again in Trentino. ”It looks quite easy in words Team Sky’s Tasmanian rider explained in the post-race press conference – whilst it was a hard job. To be honest I didn’t feel myself at the best, just a bit weak. I was back from a two-week training camp on Teide only last Friday, so nothing worrying, though this victory obviously puts me in good spirit”.

Team Sky did an action plan for today’s race: “During the technical meeting we set ourselves the goal to be four at least in the frontline when approaching the final climb. My teammate Boswell did an impressive work, until  Siutsou took the situation under control stretching the peloton. I decided to attack when I looked back and saw Pozzovivo was not there. Probably I did it too early and took some risks, Landa showed to be really very strong. I must take care of him and Cataldo in the next days…“.

The Aussie talked about his physical shape.  “I feel good but not at my top yet. I could explain my improvements with few words: less beer, less wine, a perfect girlfriend.. I’m joking  but I pay much more attention to my diet indeed. A nice win like this is much better than a beer. Victories are my best way of training definitely.”