The #TotA Safety Team is already on the road

The #TotA Safety Team is already on the road

The Tour of the Alps 2024 will be officially unveiled on November 21st in Milan, and the technical staff has been working for several weeks already on the routes’ safety

The route of the Tour of the Alps 2024 will be unveiled on November 21st in Milan. As per tradition, there will be five stages (scheduled from April 15th to 19th, 2024), and the technical staff has already been working on the routes for several weeks to ensure the top level of safety. The course of 2024 #TotA has been charted by the GS Alto Garda OC, in agreement with Trentino Marketing, IDM Südtirol and Tirol Werbung, the three territorial marketing boards united in the Euroregional alliance.

As usual for the Tour of the Alps, ensuring the utmost safety of the athletes in every race situation is an absolute priority. Such process begins during the summer months, before entering its most intense and operational phase in autumn, with the second inspection. This was completed yesterday by course manager Walter Boschetti and safety manager Massimo Pisani, in close cooperation with the race direction coordinated by Roberto Corradini.

The purpose of this second inspection was reviewing in detail every potential threat on the course, and every possible adjustment to the road surface to be agreed upon with the local authorities. In addition, the most critical junctures (the so-called Hotspots) have been signalled to be included in the technical guide available to the teams, a tool that the UCI commissioners have repeatedly emphasized in their reports to highlight the organisational quality of the event.

To guarantee an even more secure event, the #TotA Safety Team also mapped all the race segments where to apply specific protections, a special system developed and introduced by the Tour of the Alps in 2022. Such a procedure requires much effort from the organization, but brings great advantages in return for the riders: a dedicated staff takes care of positioning the protections one hour before the race, and removes them immediately after the passage of the peloton. 

"Organizing a cycling event gets more demanding year after year," said Tour of the Alps General Manager Maurizio Evangelista, "thus it is essential to work on the routes and their safety several months in advance. Our purpose is dual: to adequately point out and analyze potentially risky race situations, and to set up a protection plan to mitigate the consequences of any potential crash. Riders and teams have shown great appreciation for our efforts, and this is among the reasons why they choose our race: the safety standards are high, and this is why they can compete with the level of intensity our fans are familiar with”.

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