New Tour of the Alps to be discovered in Milan on February 3rd

Announced the official presentation of the #TotA (April 17-21), the new event born under the aegis of Euregio Tirol-Trentino-Alto Adige. The race taking over from Giro del Trentino will start from Austria and be run over five stages

The preparations for the Tour of the Alps are proceeding at full speed, on the way to the first edition of the new event stepping in the wake of the prestigious, 40-year-long history of Giro del Trentino. Organized by GS Alto Garda with the support of the three territorial marketing boards – Tirol Werbung, IDM Alto Adige and Trentino Marketing – the Tour of the Alps will be officially presented on Friday February 3rd at 11.30 in Milan, at the Sala Buzzati (Via Balzan, 3).

The International 2.HC stage race, born under the aegis of Euregio Tirol-Trentino-Alto Adige, will be run from April 17 to 21. The new project carries a significant deal of meanings beyond sports: the event trespasses the borders, enhancing the shared values of the Euro-regional areas – nature, history, culture, environmental sensibility.

The routes of the five stages, passing through the three regions’ beauties, will be discovered during the presentation in Milan. Attending the event will be Italian Cycling Federation President Renato Di Rocco, Lega del Ciclismo Professionistico’s President Enzo Ghigo, GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini, and the managers of the territorial boards – Josef Margreiter for Tirol Werbung, Marco Pappalardo for IDM Alto Adige and Maurizio Rossini for Trentino Marketing.

Austria will host the start of the new event: based on the yearly rotation among the three territories, Tirol will stage the depart of the 2017 edition, even more significant as it comes just more than a year before the 2017 Road World Championships in Innsbruck.