Nerino Ioppi – the heart of the Giro del Trentino Melinda – has passed away

The GS Alto Garda, organizer of the Giro del Trentino Melinda, announces with great sadness the death ofNerino Ioppi – soul and engine of the race since 1962 – who ran 39 editions and was always a key-person. Struggling with illness for some time, Ioppi passed away last night, at 82, in his beloved Arco. Beside him in the last moments were his wife Lina, who tirelessly worked alongside him in the organization of the race, and their three children Laura, Flaviano and Claudio.

A member of the Giro del Trentino (later Giro del Trentino Melinda) organization since the inception of the race, Nerino had an important contribution in developing this event thanks to his passion and undying love for cycling and for his homeland. Nerino and Lina Ioppi subsequently took over the direct management of the race. “Nerino was a man of few words and great substance: serious, kind, always helpful. The Giro del Trentino, and cycling in general, has built its story on people like him, and when we lose them, we know that nothing will be the same as before”, Giacomo Santini – the president of the historical association of Arco – said, visibly touched.

The work of Ioppi and his wife Lina has been the Giro del Trentino’s “fil rouge” since 1962. After two road races in Trentino, the first being won by Enzo Moser, and the second by Guido De Rosso, in 1963, the 1979 running of the event took place under the official name and was organized by the owner Guido Amistadi(who passed away in 2011). Nerino Ioppi was always there and brought his input year after year to a process of constant development, with several changes, up until the point that the event became an international one and was upgraded to “Hors Categorie” in the UCI calendar, thus taking place just days ahead of the Giro d’Italia.