Tour of the Alps proudly shows up along the highway

The photo exhibition dedicated to the Euroregional event opened at Brenner Plessi Museum, going on until the end of August. Belgian photoreporter Tim De Waele claimed the first “Euregio Cycling Photo Award”

Displaying the best pictures of the most renowned international photographers, the Tour of the Alps gets ready to win the heart of cycling lovers in the Euregio area, throughout Tirol, Südtirol and Trentino, the three regions building the rebranded event in 2017, by transforming former Giro del Trentino in a successful mixture of exciting racing and amazing landscapes.

An effective synthesys of all this came up from “Tour of the Alps: Euregio seen from the bike”, the photo exhibition opened at Plessi Museum on Brenner Highway A22, on Thursday 20th JuneGiacomo Santini(President of GS Alto Garda, in charge of Tour of the Alps organization) and Autostrada del Brennero spaPresident Luigi Olivieri officially opened the event.

The exhibition was associated with a photo contest to assign the “Euregio Cycling Photo Award”. The winner was Belgian Tim De Waele, well-known photoreporter covering cycling from over 25 years, who recently joined Getty Images, one of the most prestigious world agency, based in London.

The Tour of the Alps scale is the same as Euregio’s one: any project that crosses borders achieves a European scope. Sixty years ago the Brenner Highway itself was born with the aim of building up a link between Italy and Europe, and did it”, A22 President Luigi Olivieri explained.

The amazing images of these territories have gone around the World for over 40 years thanks to our race, and now we proudly bring our event’s storytelling into the prestigious Plessi Museum location. The Tour of the Alps was a successful idea that can captures the attention of thousands people travelling along the Brenner Highway”, GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini argued.

Tim De Waele covered the Tour of the Alps since 2018: “It’s a special race, kind of different from others – he commented -. The beauty of its lands catches the eye even of those who professionally cover the race. And then it’s a spectacular one, with its mix of climbs, descents and stunning sights and not to forget, the nice hotels and local food! The atmosphere is also quite unique – like a big race but with no stress, very enjoyable. A lot of other race organizers should use it as an example. Tour of the Alps has become one of my favorite fixtures of the season. Thanks to the organizer for this award, and for giving life to such a beautiful event, really honored to be part of it and be able to contribute with my pictures”.

The Tour of the Alps’s exhibition will remain open until the end of August, with free entrance. Due to the huge transit-flow during the summer holidays’ period, the Euro-regional event is bound to increase its fame further, given that a daily number amid 45.000 and 90.000 vehicles travel on the Brenner highway.