Giro del Trentino’s memories never end

The photo exhibit dedicated to the Italian stage race opens its doors until September 11th to revive the event’s charming history through 40 editions

Giro del Trentino’s extended family gathered at the Casino in Arco to inaugurate the photographic and historical exhibit dedicated to the international 2.HC event whose 40th edition was celebrated right this year.

The exhibit was curated by Matteo Rossi and photoreporters Remo and Daniele Mosna who reconstructed the long history of the Italian stage race through images, documents and keepsakes.

A sport event rarely builds such a close link with the territories where it takes place as Giro del Trentino has done – organizing committee’s President Giacomo Santini explained -. Our race did even more, promoting Trentino’s beauties worldwide. I strongly believe the race has become a part of Trentino’s history, thanks to the committment of so many volunteers, to whom this exhibition is dedicated. Long life to the Giro del Trentino…

Indeed, the Giro del Trentino’s history looks quite unusual, as the race was born three times: after a one-shot in 1920, a new experience came up in 1962 lasting two years only. Afterwards, a new stage race took shape in 1979, powered by G.S. Alto Garda under the guidance of Guido Amistadi.

From then on, the event has remained in the spotlights on yearly basis until the 40th edition held last April. From 2015, the race has acquired a new naming, Giro del Trentino Melinda.

The photo exhibit will be open until September 11th with free entrance. Follow the event onlne through the hashtag #GDTMemories.