Giro del Trentino becomes "Tour of the Alps"

After passing the 40th edition banner, the Giro del Trentino changes the event’s naming under the aegis of Euregio Tirol-Trentino-Alto Adige. The 2017 edition will be held from 17th to 21st of April, under the same G.S. Alto Garda organization

The dice is cast. After the 40th edition took place last April, the Giro del Trentino hands over to the “Tour of the Alps”, the new event’s naming under Euregio Tirol-Trentino-Alto Adige aegis. In Bozen, the three Euregio’s presidents Arno Kompatscher, Günther Platter and Ugo Rossi undersigned a memorandum of understanding to seal the new 2.HC stage race (same category as Giro del Trentino), scheduled from 17 to 21 April 2017 with five stages, under the same G.S. Alto Garda management. The race course will be unveiled in January.

The new Euregional event brings lot of meanings in and outside sport, going beyond borders. Throughout the last 40 years, Giro del Trentino gained a strong reputation as a key setup fixture towards the Giro d’Italia. “We’re extremely proud of the new project starting right now – G.S. Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini said – aiming to enhance our race and show the amazing territories where it takes place to the global audience even more than we already did over the last editions”.

The three Presidents Rossi, Kompatscher and Platter remarked the strong value within the “Tour of the Alps”. “We’re following up to the exciting 40-year history of Giro del Trentino with a new spirit. The Alps unite people sharing nature, history and culture as a common ground. The sport helps to go beyond the borders in name of a better lifestyle inspired by the sustainable mobility”.

With a common goal to achieve a successful project, Tirol Werbung, IDM Alto Adige and Trentino Marketing – the three operating units – will cooperate closely as all three territories are two-wheel friendly, no matter if MTB, race or e-bikes .

Under its iconic name, the newborn “Tour of the Alps” logotype mirrors the three Euregio areas’ colors and willfully recalls the look&feel of 2018 UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck to convey an even stronger communicative concept.