From Baselga to Cles: an “electric” stage leads TotA’s peloton in Val di Non

Tour of the Alps’ stage 4 (Baselga di Piné-Cles, 134 Km) is an all-Trentino show. Start at 11.45 am CET. Great hype for the historical debut of electric motorbikes in the race. Live broadcast from 2 pm CET

Good morning from the 2019 Tour of the Alps. The race is up and open, and offers a stage to be run entirely in Trentino, from Baselga di Piné in Valle di Cembra to Cles in Val di Non – the home of Melinda, historical partner of Tour of the Alps and sponsor of the Fuchsia jersey – in view of the final showdown in Bolzano/Bozen.

Forcella di Brez, Predaia Pass and the unprecedented Pontara hill will inflame the battle for the Fuchsia jersey, involving many athletes: from leader Sivakov to Nibali, from Hirt to Geoghegan Hart, from Cattaneo to Majka. And on top of that, today is the “electric stage”, thanks to the historical debut of an electric motorbike in the race, one of the main novelties of the 2019 Tour of the Alps.


On the occasion of stage 4 an “Energica EsseEsse9 Neutra” suitable for two persons – will be integrated to the moto service team into the race.

It’s not just an opening on a very near future, but also an important experiment with the ambition of further reducing the environmental impact of the event – something the Tour of the Alps has been focusing on for years.

The ideal partner for this new introduction is Energica, an Italian company based in Soliera, sole supplier of the MotoE series, the electric-powered racing bike championship that was created in the wake of the MotoGP.

Taking part in the MotoE championship is the “Energica Ego” bike of Team Trentino Gresini, to be exposed at the start in Baselga di Piné and set to lead the peloton in the transfer from the neutral to the official start. Team Gresini is one of the historical teams in Italian racing motorbiking, and counts on a partnership with Trentino Marketing, whose firm commitment in green initiatives and sustainable mobility is once again eloquently confirmed.

Meeting Place: Baselga di Piné, Corso Roma (h. 10)
Start: Baselga di Piné, Corso Roma (h. 12)
Finish: Cles, Viale De Gasperi (h. 15.25)
Intermediate Sprint: Mezzolombardo, Km 29,8
KOM Forcella di Brez (1a cat., km 73.2); Passo Predaia (2a cat., km 115.1)

START: BASELGA DI PINE’. Baselga di Piné welcomes tourists in an uncontaminated area, between woods, lakes and cultivations of various kind. Top destination for families, thanks to several well-equipped hotels, apartments, farmhouses and camping-sites, Baselga is characterized by the Ice Rink Pinè, featuring an indoor rink as well as an outdoor speed-skating rink.

ON THE ROAD: Thanks to its particular morphological conformation, the Val di Non has recently been renamed the “Valley of the Canyons“. Visiting it means admiring and fully enjoying the suggestive fusion of nature and culture that its territory can offer its guests. These fantastic natural spectacles, which have remained hidden and inaccessible for centuries, have recently been rediscovered and are now practicable in suggestive routes built in the rock.

THE STAGE TASTE: The most typical can’t-miss specialty in the Val di Non is the tortel da patate – (shallow-fried potato pancake) served with various kinds of local cold meats and cheese or with redcurrant jam in a tasty sweet variant. Other typical dishes are strangolapreti (bread and spinach dumplings), canederli (large round poached or boiled bread dumplings) and polenta (corn meal mush) served with game. Not to mention the innumerable dishes made with the renowned Val di Non apples: strudel, apple pie, juices, jams, vinegars and much more…

DON’T MISS: To reveal the secrets of the apple with unmistakable taste, MondoMelinda was created in 1997, the Melinda Consortium visitor centre located in Segno di Predaia. Booking a guided visit, it is possible to learn everything about apples, how they are grown and processed in the cooperatives. In addition, MondoMelinda offers the opportunity to taste the Melinda products.

FINISH: CLES. The main city of the Val di Non, Cles has bound its name to cycling in several ways in the years: Maurizio Fondriest hails from here, and Cles has been the home of Trofeo Melinda for many years. Surrounded by the beauty of the Brenta Dolomites, Cles is the starting point for entertaining hikes and MTB riders through the Val di Non, to discover more spectacular views and landscapes.


The experience of the Team Euregio Cycling Community continues on Tour of the Alps’ roads, facing the stage 4 between Val di Cembra and Val di Non.

Euregio Cycling Community is a new reality made by non-professional riders from the three lands, respresening the key values of the Euroregional cooperation in the most important granfondo events. The first adventure of the new project is connected to the Tour of the Alps: three riders for each territory faced the five stages of the race some days before the event, showing an all-different perspective on it through a content series on the Tour of the Alps official channels.


Tour of the Alps stage 4 will be live on TV from 14.00 to 15.30 CET, thanks to the PMG Sport production.

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