Clarification about the Italian Ministry of Health ordinance released on April 2nd, 2021

The clarifications of the Tour of the Alps organizers with regard to the ordinance of the Italian Ministery of Health

With regard to the ordinance of the Italian Ministery of Health of April 2nd, 2021 about “Further urgent measures of control of COVID-19 pandemic emergency”, GS Alto Garda, in its office as Tour of the Alps organizer, wishes to provide the following clarification.

The ordinance extends the running measures applied in the Easter holidays period for cross-borders travels from and to Italy until April 30th.

Notably, for all those who have been staying and transiting in the countries listed in Annex C, the ordinance requires:

  1. a) A PCR or antigenic test carried out within 48 hours before entering to Italy;

  2. b) The obligation of fiduciary isolation and health surveillance for five days, whatever the outcome of the test has been;
    c) A new swab test at the end of the 5-days isolation period.

For some territories listed here, the ordinance applies different measures; in particular for those people who have stayed in Land Tirol the health surveillance period and fiduciary isolation are extended to 14 days.

Nevertheless, the ordinance applies some specific exemptions and reliefs (as per art. 51, comma 7, Dpcm 2 March 2021), including all persons at all levels involved (for organizational, sportive, professional or media reasons) in a sports event like the Tour of the Alps.

In particular, the obligation of fiduciary isolation and health surveillance is NOT applied in the following cases:

  1. a) anyone who enters Italy for a period not exceeding 120 hours for proven needs of work, health, or absolute urgency, with the obligation, at the expiry of that period, to leave the national territory immediately;

  2. b) citizens and residents of a Member State of the European Union or another State or territoriy included in lists A, B, C and D of Annex 20, who enter Italy for proven reasons of work, unless in the fourteen days prior to their entry into Italy they have stayed or transited in one or more of the States and territories indicated in list C.For the above-mentioned categories, the reasons for the derogation are proved by a self-declaration, which must be shown to any person responsible for verifying the truthfulness of the written declarations.

A further exemption to the ordinance is applied for the entry of athletes, coaches, judges, competition commissioners and accompanying persons, representatives of the foreign press for participation in the sporting competitions referred to Art. 18, paragraph 1 who, in the 48 hours prior to entering the national territory, have undergone a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab and found to be negative.

To notice indeed as the tests disposed by Tour of the Alps’ COVID protocol already fulfills the required tests within the prescribed deadlines.

With the above details, the Tour of the Alps aims to reassure all the participants, both sports and professional people, that participation in the event will be guaranteed, while respecting the required procedures.

In order to ease any control, the Tour of the Alps is available to release any declaration aside from your self-certification to confirm the professional reasons to attend for all registered media representatives, for the teams and any other category involved.

Thanks for your attention. For any further clarification or information, please contact:

Yours in sports,

Giacomo Santini
GS Alto Garda President