Stage 2: Arco - Anras

Arco was the cuddle – first – and then the home of Giro del Trentino Melinda ever since, as it is where the G.S. Alto Garda organizing group is based.

The small town is characterized by its special and very likable reality, made by a very mild climate, natural and architectural beauties and a relaxed lifestyle. The Collegiata dell’Assunta, the Santissima Trinità Church, the historical Palazzo Marchetti (1500), the Castle – recently renewed by the Province of Trento – placed on the rock cliff overlooking the city (an open-sky gym for free climbing), the Casino and other buildings characterize Arco while telling its history and its present. Nowadays, Arco is a pleasant and relaxing holiday destination, with several opportunities for fun and sports activities. Luxuriant palms stand there to witness the mildness of its climate, that has made Arco so appreciated by tourists. Among the personalities hailing from Arco stand out famous painter Giovanni Segantini (1858-Pontresina 1899) and aeronautic engineer Giovanni Caproni (1886-Roma 1957), entrepreneur and pioneer of aviation.

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